D and L Meadows

Over 1000 lbs Milking Record

Moose is our very first goat to give over 1020 lbs of milk with 72 lbs of butterfat in 305 days.  D and L Meadows Moose is both an AR star and one day milk Star with both ADGA and AGS.  Moose made it to the fifth place of the one day milk test with 5.1 lbs of milk.

D and L Meadows Moose

Star of Wonder is our second goat to give over 1000 lbs of milk. Her record is 1044 lbs with 65 lbs of butter fat and 44 lbs of protein. It comes as no big surprise that Star of Wonder gave more than 1000 lbs since her dam Little Tots Estate ST Kowkab also gave over 1000 lbs. Kowkab was in the top 10 does with the American Goat Society in 2015 for butterfat. 

Sinai Thunder C Star Of Wonder

Goldie is our third goat to give over 1000 lbs of milk. Her record is 1055 lbs with 74 lbs of butter fat and 45 lbs of protein. Goldie has blue eyes and so did her dam. Goldie's dam, Hellmstead Minis TM Fergie gave over 1000 lbs as well.
Goldie is a half sister to Star of Wonder.


About Us

We are a small hobby farm located in Williamsburg, Ohio.  We have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, chickens, and rabbits. We chose the Nigerian Dwarf breed because of its smaller size and the fact it is still a dairy goat. This is the second year that we are milking our goats. We do test for CAE, Johnes and CL and are a CAE, Johnes and CL free Farm. Click here for the 2011 test results and Click here for the 2013 test results Our veterinarian is Dr. Patchell and Dr. Liming from Rolling Hills Veterinary Services

All of our goats are registered with both American Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Society.  We have both blue and brown eyed goats.  

Most of our goats have a milking star with AGS and ADGA. Last year (2013) both Millie and Moose got their milking star. This year, Betzy, Flower, Lilly, Spice and Tilly got their milking star with the one day milk test.  This year we are in our second year with the Dairy Herd Improvement program.

Baby goats


Fall Picture

Fall brings cooler weather and beautiful colors. Like everything, it is for a moment and it is gone. Winter is coming.


Valentine doing one of his tricks Getting Straw

Summer is here. All of our baby goats born in the first half of the year are sold. We have kept two doelings for our self. We have a few does due in June and in August. Check our Goats for sale page for updates and due dates.

Although the busyness that always comes with baby goats, such as being born at any time of the day, help the doe with birthing, bottle feeding the kids, etc., summer is busy as well. Goats are being shorn and look prettier with their summer coat on.

Time to get the hay which means working hard in the hot sun. That is also part of homesteading. We usually get 10 square bales per Nigerian Dwarf goat and usually have some bails left over from previous year. We also get about 10 bails of chaffhaye per doe.

Time to watch for parasites since with warm weather these parasites flourish. We do our own fecal exams regularly to keep the worms under control.


Spring time

Spring has arrived with beautiful flowers and beautiful baby goats.

Spring  is around the corner

The snow is melting. It is March and the temperatures are getting more comfortable. The coats for the goats are off.

We have baby goats, but they are going quick. Early April, more baby goats will arrive.  Soon the grass starts growing and before we know it we complain about the heat. 

Our first goats entered in the 2014 DHI program on March 8, 2014.  For Betzy and Tehillah, this is their first year in milk and their first year with DHI program.  See Our Nigerian Does page to see how they progress. For Lilly it is her third year in milk, and hopefully her first complete official DHI year.

Spring around the corner Spring Flowers

Winter, and it is cold.

Winter 2014

Coats for the goats

How to keep the goats warm? Our barn is not very well insulated, so it does get cold inside the barn. We have an electric heater in the milking parlor which does help, but it is still very cold.  So we put fleece coats on the goats and they do stay warm. Pink with polka dots for the does, and blue for the bucks. Coats for the goats.

We also raises rabbits. Click here to view our rabbits page

To see our Finn Sheep, click here to view our sheep .

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