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Does your Nigerian Dwarf goat qualify for a milking star in the one day milking competition? This page helps you find out if your doe is a star or not. You can easily measure the weight of the milk, but you cannot measure the butter fat. That is something that a laboratory must do. However, you can make an estimation. Most Nigerian Dwarf goats butterfat is around 5 to 6%. However, some Nigerian Dwarf goats do have low butterfat even as low as 3%. 

To be a star doe, it means that she must obtain a minimum amount of milk and butterfat to reach the magic point of 35 for AGS and 7.0 for ADGA. We calculate for you the minimum butterfat percentage needed to be a star doe based on the milk volume and number of days in milk.

Officially, the goats milked is weighed for the milk test. If you want to unofficially check how your goat is doing and have no kitchen scale to measure weight, you can measure the volume. Every cup of milk is approximately 0.5375 lbs of milk. 1 gallon of milk weighs about 8.6 lbs. If your doe gives 2 cups of milk per milking, that is 1.075 lbs of milk.

Number of days in milk
Milk weight in morning (lbs)
Milk weight in evening (lbs)
Estimated % Butter fat (pick any number)



Last update: Saturday, October 03, 2020