D and L Meadows


DOB: 7/21/2010

Freckles is sold and left the farm in 2017. We have one daughter from her, Flower.


D and L Meadows Freckles 2*M Sire: Hosier Heart S Montgomery Sire: Little Tot's Estate Stewartia Sire: MCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga Sire: GCH Creek Road Envoy
Dam: Wood Haven Farms Cowgirl 1*M
Dam: Little Tot's Estate Lysimachia Sire: Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend
Dam: Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M
Dam: Piddlin Acres Misty Blue Sire: MCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder ++*S VG Sire: Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Dam: Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer 'E' AR *D
Dam: Piddlin Acres Tic Tac Doe E Sire: Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Dam: Willow Creek Twin Lizzie
Dam:Creekside Farm Buttonnose 1*M Sire: Milkmaidranch P Superman Sire: Flat Rocks Pied Piper Sire: MCH Ponders End FO Minstrel Show
Dam: Chisolm Trail Mystique
Dam Steele Ballew Wonder Women Sire: Steele Ballew Cowboy
Dam: Steele Ballew Xena
Dam: Creekside Farm Faith Sire:HOG Farm Indy Sire: Rosasharn's Sweet William *S
Dam: Blue Moon Acres LR Luna
Dam: Tall Cedars Farm Grace Sire: Blue Moon Acres Skylar
Dam: Blue Moon Acres Juliet

DHI 2015-2016

Date Days In Milk Lbs Milk Fat % Protein % Somatic Cell Count
5/1/2015 15 2.2 7.2 4.0 87
6/6/2015 51 1.8 7.7 3.8 76
7/11/2015 86 1.4 7.5 3.9 100
8/15/2015 121 1.2 8.4 4.2 17
9/12/2015 149 1.4 8.5 4.0 81
10/24/2015 191 1.2 8.4 4.6 13
11/28/2015 226 0.7 8.6 4.9 373
Total Milk 325 Lbs Fat   26 lbs Protein 13 lbs
Last update: Saturday, October 03, 2020