D and L Meadows

Sinai Thunder Be My Sovereign

DOB: 02/27/2018QuadrupletHeight:

Sire:  Sinai Thunder T Be Mine +*B *S
Dam: Sinai Thunder O Divine Design 3*M AR, 3*D AR VEVV86

Milk Test High: 4.2#
305 Day: Pending

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Sinai Thunder Be My Sovereign Sire: Sinai Thunder T Be Mine +*B *S Sire: CapraKoza TR Tevye *B *S Sire: CH RGCH Lost Valley JL Tradition *B *S Sire: Fairlea Jean-Luc Picard ++*B *S Sire: Promisedland Incredible Hunk +B +*S
Dam: ARMCH Fairlea FLeur 3*M, 3*D AR
Dam: Goodwood Sisley 1*M, 1*D Sire: Lost Pines KT Sugar Daddy +*S
Dam: Goodwood Dingle
Dam: GCH RGCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie 1*M AR, 2*D AR +VEV Sire: Pecan Hollow PS TennesseeWaltz *S Sire: Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm ++*B ++*S
Dam: MCH Little Rascals Dance for Joy 3*D
Dam: Pecan Hollow LH Bluebonnett 1*D Sire: Dill Pickles PH Lion Heart
Dam: Green Gate Mahogany Lace
Dam: Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M AR, 1*D AR VEVE89 Sire: CH GCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero +B Sire: Woodhaven Farms Bently Hotwing Sire: GCH GCH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak ++B
Dam: Caesar's Villa STS Panda
Dam: CH GCH Gay-Mor B Lacewing's Parsley Sire: 4 Fun Bucky
Dam: Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing 4*D AR
Dam: Rosasharn GX Cinnamon D Sire: Rosasharn's TL Galaxy ++*B VEE FS90 Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++B ++*S +AE FS82
Dam: SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 3*M AR, 3*D AR EEEV91
Dam: Rosasharn's UMT Wasabi 4*M AR ++EV Sire: SG ARMCH Rosashrn's Under My Thumb ++*B +*S
Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 3*M AR, 4*D AR
Dam: Sinai Thunder O Divine Design 3*M AR, 3*D AR VEVV86 Sire: Cedar View Olivero ++*B ++*S VEV FS88 Sire: Cedar View Josephus *B +EV FS85 Sire: GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino +*B EEE FS91 Sire: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander +*B EEV FS90
Dam: SGCH RGCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M AR VVEV88
Dam: SG Little Tots Estate Syeira 4*M AR VEEE90 Sire: Little Tots Estate Celtis
Dam: Little Tots Estate Sericea 3*M
Dam: SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M AR EEEE91 Sire: Little Tots Estate Bambino +*B Sire: GCH MCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B +S EEE FS91
Dam: SGCH Little Tot's Estate Bambusa 2*M
Dam: SG Cori's Fancy N Donatella 3*M VVEE89 Sire: Buttin'Heads Nickelodeon
Dam: SGCH Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M AR VVEE90
Dam: Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity 2*M AR, 2*D AR VEEE90 Sire: Sinai Thunder AG Asher +*B VVV FS87 Sire: Olson Acres RC Augustine +*B +*S Sire: Lost Valley KW Raising Cain ++B *S
Dam: GCH MCH Olson Acres Monica 1*M, 1*D
Dam: SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity 1*M AR, 1*D EEEV90 Sire: ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker +*S
Dam: 4 Fun Upset
Dam: SGCH Lost Valley TB Dipp'N Dots 1*M AR, 1*D AR VEEE90 Sire: Lost Valley TAE-BO ++B Sire: Piddlin Acres Cajun Music +*S
Dam: Goodwood KW Elisabet Ney
Dam: Pecan Hollow GL Faith Sire: Goodwood SD LAREDO
Dam: MCH Little Rascals Dance for Joy 3*D
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305 DHI Totals

Milk Volume
305 days
Fat Protein
2020-2021 930 lbs (in 277 days) 52 lbs 41 lbs
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DHI Records

DHI 2020-2021

Date Days In Milk Lbs Milk Fat % Protein % Somatic Cell Count
x 1000
4/28/2020 33 4.2 4.1 4.0 20
5/21/2020 56 4.7 4.2 4.0 66
06/19/2020 85 3.6 6.2 4.3 93
07/29/2020 125 3.2 5.4 4.0 71
09/05/2020 163 3.3 5.1 4.2 141
10/15/2020 203 3.2 5.7 4.6 54
11/21/2020 240 2.6 7.9 5.0 246
12/28/2020 277 3.0 7.4 4.9 41
Total Milk 930.0 Lbs Fat 52.0 Lbs Protein 41.0 Lbs
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Kidding History

Freshening Date Sire Doelings Names Bucklings Names
03/27/2020 Sinai Thunder O Nicodemus *B *S 2 D and L Meadows N Countess
D and L Meadows N Duchess
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D and L Meadows N Duchess
Last update: 1/9/2021