D and L Meadows

D and L Meadows SM Schwanli 2*M AR, 2*D AR

DOB: 06/02/2016SingleHeight:

Sire:  Wood Bridge Farm Smores +B +S
Dam: D and L Meadows Moose 1*M AR, 1*D AR

Milk Test High: 4.0#
305 Day: 685#

Schwanli is named after the goat from the book of "Heidi" by Johanna Spy

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D and L Meadows SM Schwanli 2*M AR, 2*D AR Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Smores +B +S Sire: Atwood Acres LC Harrison Sire: CH Atwood Acres FT Cyclone VEV FS88 Sire: CH Twin Creeks BW Fathom This *B *S VVE FS88 Sire: MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++B ++*S FS84.8
Dam: GCH MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M, 4*D EEEE92
Dam: CH Caesar's Villa STS Serendipity Sire: ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson +B +*S FS86.3
Dam: Stonewall's Serena 1*D AR
Dam: SGCH Rebell Yell Liberty VEEV90 Sire: Caesar's Villa FL Fable *S Sire: Caesar's Villa PL Golden Flame *S
Dam: ARMCH Caesar's Villa PN Fabulous 2*D AR
Dam: Caesar's Villa CBS Cheyene 1*D Sire: Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
Dam: Columbus Zoo Blaze
Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Lil Chinadoll EEEE92 Sire: Tx Twincreeks WOC Visa Gold *S FS84.9 Sire: Pecan Hollow Wind of Change *S +VE FS86 Sire: Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Willy *B
Dam: CH Twin Creeks WB Meadowlark 2*D
Dam: GCH MCH Twin Creeks ARG Mithril Silver 2*M, 2*D VVEV89 Sire: Twin Creeks BW Aragorn *S
Dam: MCH HBF LS Darlin Clementine 1*M, 1*D VEEE90
Dam: Wood Bridge Farm What A Doll Sire: GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin +*B VVE FS86 Sire: SG ARMCH Rosashrn's Under My Thumb ++*B +*S
Dam: RGCH Rosasharn's TL Arwen 2*M AR, 8*D AR VEEE90
Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Vangelina Sire: Buttin'Heads Sonic Hero FS87.5
Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Tattiana
Dam: D and L Meadows Moose 1*M AR, 1*D AR Sire: Hoosier Heart S Montgomery +B Sire: Little Tot's Estate Stewartia Sire: GCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga ++*B VVE FS88 Sire: Creek Road Envoy +B
Dam: Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M ++E+83
Dam: Little Tot's Estate Lysimachia Sire:
Dam: Piddlin Acres Misty Blue Sire: Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder ++*S Sire: MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Dam: Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer 1*D
Dam: Piddlin Acres Tic Tac Doe Sire: MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Dam: Willow Creek Tin Lizzie
Dam: Crossplain's Rosie Sire: Double E Ranch Ezrah Sire: Hoosier Heart Mini Me Sire:
Dam: Gitana Winged Heart Sire: Hoosier Heart Willie
Dam: Hoosier Heart Leanne
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Noel Sire: Cornerstone Farm Zion Sire: Piddlin Acres Thunders Mozart
Dam: Bean's Pod Malimar Cookie
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Meraiah 2*D Sire: CornerStone Farm Lazarus
Dam: CornerStone Farm Shekinah Glory 1*D
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305 DHI Totals

Milk Volume
305 days
Fat Protein
2019-2020 685 lbs 51 lbs 32 lbs
2020-2021 620 lbs (in 247 days) 38 lbs 30 lbs
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DHI Records

DHI 2019-2020

Date Days In Milk Lbs Milk Fat % Protein % Somatic Cell Count
x 1000
4/3/2019 33 3.5 7.6 4.1 62
5/10/2019 74 3.1 6.0 4.3 71
6/7/2019 102 2.0 8.3 5.2 187
7/11/2019 136 2.3 6.2 4.4 71
8/14/2019 170 1.8 7.5 4.7 87
9/4/2019 191 1.9 6.7 5.0 857
10/11/2019 228 1.8 7.6 5.1 348
11/19/2019 267 1.5 7.7 5.5 264
12/26/2019 304 1.6 8.1 5.1 373
3/19/2020 333 1.6 8.1 5.1 373
Total Milk 726.0 Lbs Fat 55.0 Lbs Protein 34.0 Lbs

DHI 2020-2021

Date Days In Milk Lbs Milk Fat % Protein % Somatic Cell Count
x 1000
5/21/2020 26 4.0 5.6 3.8 54
06/19/2020 55 3.6 6.0 4.5 230
07/29/2020 95 2.9 5.5 4.3 152
09/05/2020 113 2.5 5.2 4.6 200
10/15/2020 173 1.7 7.0 5.4 132
11/21/2020 210 1.4 9.7 5.4 566
12/28/2020 247 1.1 9.0 5.7 650
Total Milk 620.0 Lbs Fat 38.0 Lbs Protein 30.0 Lbs
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Kidding History

Freshening Date Sire Doelings Names Bucklings Names
02/26/2019 Sinai Thunder T Valentine Love +*B +*S 1 D and L Meadows VS Sukey 1 D and L Meadows VS Solomon *B *S
04/26/2020 Sinai Thunder O Nicodemus *B *S 2 D and L Meadows N Adelheid
D and L Meadows N Clara
1 D and L Meadows N Sabastian
Last update: 1/9/2021