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Thinking about getting all the benefits of raw milk? Goats milk is the way to go. Our goats give a higher butterfat which makes for a richer and tastier milk and milk product.  Shares are $25, which is refundable when you withdraw from contract. Then it is $10 per week for care and board for your share of the herd. You then get benefits of milk or milk products of $10 worth per week. If 1 gallon is too much, you also can buy a half share for a half gallon per week. If you don't want to drink raw milk, you can pasteurize it your self. Pasteurized goats milk at the store are sold from $16.- and up. You save about $6 per gallon.

How does herd-share work? You buy a part of a goat from the farm and boarded at the farm. So you literally own the goat. You pay a weekly fee of $10.- for boarding and we take care of your goat and milk the goat. Since you own the goat, you get the milk. If you no longer want to be part of the herd-share, we buy your goat back. Any questions or to review the contract, email at info@nigeriandwarfgoats.net

On Dr Axe website there is an interesting article on goats milk benefits.  The high lights of this article is that goats milk is easier to digest than cows milk, with fewer allergens, less inflammatory, enhances nutrient absorption.  For more info, visit the linked article.

Dog Breeders

For dog breeders, no herd-share contract is needed since the dog is going to drink the milk and not you. We do have milk available for dog breeders.

Last update: Saturday, October 17, 2020